Sept 18, 2000

Spent a good part of the morning playing computer with Phil. He had some problems with his cable modem and network cards, so we had to work through the problems and managed to get them fixed. Fun playing with problems as long as they can be solved. Guess my mind hasn't gone totally to mush while being on holidays.

We then headed out to New Farm, which is a small suburb close to downtown Brisbane, much like Kitsilano is to Vancouver, and visited one of our customers - New Farm Editions. They sell all kinds of fancy trinkets and trendy types of things.

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We then headed into the center of Brisbane and dropped by Madison Integrity. They are a women's clothing store and Jean found a nice sweater she liked. Cost $350. It's still on the hanger in the store if you'd like it.

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Sue is the owner of the store. The store itself has clothes hanging on hangers on the right and left side of the store. The center of the store has some sofas to sit and relax and sip coffee, etc. Very high end clothing. Very nice people.

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We then stopped for lunch around 1:30 and an Irish pub, so Jean and I both had to have a cold Guiness. For the rest of the afternoon, we walked around the downtown outdoor and indoor mall. They have several streets blocked off to vehicles. In one of the shops, we managed to find a 4 cup Melita coffee filter holder, so Phil is happy. We had a cup of coffee as soon as we returned home.

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