Sept 19, 2000

Today's trip was a long drive out into the country north of Brisbane. We planned to take in some sites and drop by several customers on the trip. The day started off with a quick stop at Frank's A1 Cycles. They are one of our customers, and of course Phil and Marg are customer's of theirs. They are located quite close to where Phil lives.

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Next stop was Morgan's Family Clothing in Kilcoy. Their prices were much more realistic than the specialty shop downtown. They were not the main reason for the stop in this town, however. Phil needed to buy some bread from an old bakery that made *huge* loaves of bread in the original tins from the 1800's.

While sitting outside the bakery drinking a cup of coffee, we noticed how small the town was, and that it had all the essentials. Bakery, Butcher, Lawyer (not so essential), Doctor and a few others. Didn't see a candlestick maker, however. It is a very pretty town with all the shops well kept and appeared to be freshly painted.

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From here we headed a bit south to Mt. Mee and enjoyed the view. It would have been a much better sight without the smoke and mist. Marg had bicycled in the this area with a group and said the hills were killers. Some of the hills were steep in a car, let alone on a bike. We stopped in Daybro for lunch and cold beer. Do you see a pattern developing?

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From here, we headed east into Wamuran where we visited our customer, Wamuran Coop. It's a big store with just about everything your could imagine from boots to hats, to tools, ladders, feed, etc. They also buy pineapples from the local farmers and ship them off to faraway destinations.

When Phil was first installing the computers in this site a few years ago, he had a helper. Kieth was suppose to install the computer wiring and when he showed up on the job, remembered that he had forgotten a step ladder at the office and drove 1-1/2 hours each way (3 hours total) to get the ladder. Fool - they had lots of ladders and all he had to do was ask. As you can guess, Phil didn't like working with Kieth.

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Stopped by Paint Base in Kippa Ring on the coast. Well, it was a drive by shooting as we took the picture without going in just to prove we were there, but it was late in the afternoon and we didn't want to get stuck actually doing any work.

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Phil brought his cell phone along and had several calls during the day. At this point, it was just before sunset, was getting a bit chilly and there was quite a wind. Marg was cold and was hiding behind Phil to stay warm. She won't tell us what she was doing with her hands.

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Sunset on the beach the shores of Margate. The trees are Sheoaks which are very popular in this area. Great shade trees in the summertime. The bike paths from here lead all the way back to Brisbane, and through it to where Phil and Marg live near Ipswitch. They even have a bridge dedicated just to cyclists. It was an old single lange bridge that needed to be upgraded, so they built a new bridge to handle the vehicle traffic and left the old one standing for bicycles. Seems like that was a good idea and would have been a better solution for Lion's Gate in Vancouver.

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Marg is the vice president of the bike club in Brisbane and Phil helps her with her duties, including setting up the web site at and in publishing their newsletter. Here they are concentrating on the newsletter that has to be delivered Wens night, Sept 20. They published a link to Bruce's web site at and will be asking him to submit some small articles in the future. Bruce will first hear of this when he reads this note, and of course he will graciously accept.

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Keenyn has been working with Phil on a part time basis, so he came for supper with us at the Tongue and Groove restaurant, so named because of the wood paneling on some of the walls in the basement.

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