Sept 20, 2000

After a peaceful morning breakfast and coffee, Jean and I left on our own for the day for a trip north to the Sunshine Coast. On the way, we stopped at the Wild Horse Mountain Lookout and walked up to the tower and got this view of the Glass House Mountains. Captain Cook named these mountains because they looked like they were made of glass when viewed from the distance out in the Ocean. They are actually three Volcano cores from millions of years ago. The rest of the volcano has eroded away leaving just the cores standing. Very impressive.

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Next step was the craft fair in Eumundi. It is a very small town with a huge outdoor craft fair that takes place every Wens. from early morning until 1 pm. They had a lot of trinkets and junk, but also a lot of very nice things for very cheap prices. Fortunately, there is not much room in our suitcase on the trip back so Jean had to limit herself.

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From here, we continued North East to Noosa Heads. This is a beautiful area with beaches on the coast for surfing in the waves and beaches on the river which were protected from the winds and were very nice to relax by. We're planning to spend a few days here after coming back from Cairns if we have enough time.

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In the park in Noosa, we saw a Koala bear with a baby in the pouch, just sitting up high in a tree looking very relaxed. This picture doesn't really show it, so trust me.....

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In that same park on the way to the car, we ran across this Goanna. It was about 5 feet (1.5 Meters) in length. It looked dangerous, but it's not really. If scared, it might bite and that could cause an infection, but it is not posion. Apparently, if scared, it will run up the closest tree, and if a tree is not available, the closest person.

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Had to stop by a customer, Country Collections, in Noosa. Penni is on the left, Sue on the right. They were both looking intently at the computer when we walked in the door, so I wasn't sure if I should introduce myself or just leave quietly. I took at chance and game them my card and explained that I was from Windward in Canada. They were happy to see me and asked if I knew much about the program and if I could help them. Told them I knew a little about it.

Turned out it was a very simple problem. They had a number appear and did not know where it came from. I showed them the audit trail, and they were able to find out which invoice it was from, who did it and the exact date and time the transaction took place. Once they saw it, they remembered that a customer had cancelled the sale and were happy. I like the easy problems.

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We drove south, down along the coast and stopped at Perigian Beach. Very nice beach with lots of sand and no rocks. Jean wanted to stay there forever after viewing this sign on the path we had just passed. On the way back to the car, she walked very quickly in the middle of the concrete sidewalk.

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This is the view of the Perigian Beach late in the afternoon. People were just packing up and coming in as it was close to sunset. From here, we drove back to town and had supper at a Mexican restaurant. In town, we have a very, very close call with a car coming into our lane. Because I'm still new to driving on the left, I was being very careful and suddenly this car passed us on the right and came into our lane. The horn works.

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