Sept 22, 2000

Friday was a pretty quiet day. We spent some time playing computer in the morning while Jean and Margaret slept by the pool and in the afternoon we went shopping for food for the weekend excursion to Fraser Island.

Phil and Marg's two dogs.

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Phil's sister is up visiting from Apollo Bay, near Melbourne. Here she is outside relaxing while Phil and I are playing computer. Had a few support calls to make and some problems to fix for customers before going away for the weekend.

Margarat started taking the relaxing thing a little more seriously.

Jean was relaxing by the pool, reading her book, swimming and sleeping a little. Tough job, but somebody had to do it.

In the evening, we went over to Emma's (Marg's daughter) and Rob's house for take out chinese food and a short visit. Had to leave Phil's 4x4 there so Rob could drive over at 3:30 and pick us up in the morning. We all hit the sack fairly early.