Sept 24, 2000

Took a picture of the map to give you an idea of the locations. Sorry about the quality, I could only hold the camera so steady. The Gold Coast is south of Brisbane by Surfers Paradise and the Sunshine Coast is north of Brisbane by Noosa Heads. To give you an idea of the distances, It took about 2.5 hours to travel from Ipswitch to Noosa Heads and one hour to travel from Southport to Ipswitch.

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There are several pools and hot tubs at this resort. This is the Sandbar pool and bar which is close to the beach. The pool is good for keeping an eye on the kids while drinking alcohol. Hhhhmmmm. Doesn't sound quite right when you say it fast, but we don't have any kids along. At night, there is also a lot of partying going on here, I'm told. The drinks were extremely expensive, so we drank our own supplies and ate our own food back at the room.

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While we were walking along the beach, we noticed a lot of holes in the sand and little balls of sand that had been pushed out of the holes. Phil got quite excited when he saw a small crab in action, popping his head out of the hole. Then we noticed some other crabs, and then thousands and thousands of them. They were mostly about the size of a penny with blue tops and they seemed to run in "herds". They are named soldier ants because they tend to look like small armies trekking across the sand. When we got close, they jumped down the holes, but here is a picture of some of them.

Rob was telling me they often use the crabs for bait, and to catch them, they run up to them with a bucket and just scoop the bucket along the sand to catch a bunch. Easy picken's.

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Phil, Marg, Jean and I spent a bit of time on the beach. The water was quite warm, but cool enough to be refreshing. Because Kingfisher Bay is on the west side of Fraser Island, there were no waves and instead the water was quite calm.

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There were several Mangrove trees along the beach. They are unique in the way the roots travel under the sand and then pop up again, acting like snorkles to get air and nutrients. The roots are quite soft and don't feel as bad to walk on as they look. While we were in the water, Jean looked back and noticed a wild Dingo sitting under a Mangrove tree watching us and then sneaking over to our stuff. I had to try to scare him off because he wanted to steal our food and/or shoes, unfortunately, the dingo was not scared and thought I was just playing with him. Ignored him and he went away.

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Sunset. The resort is in the middle of forest and just after sunset, it got dark very quickly. Snapped this picture on the way back to the unit before it got too dark to find our way.

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