Sept 25, 2000

Today we took a whale watching trip up Hervey Bay to the top of Fraser Island. This is the boat we rode in.

Fraser Island is a sand island, but in addition, there are many small sandbars scattered around the bay. Fraser Island itself is quite different in the north part of the island from the south.

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We ran into several humpback whales on the trip. There were two groups of mothers with their calves that were a bit shy and a group of 4 adult whales that were very playful. These whales came up to watch us, and also swam right under our boat. When we got within 300 meters, the boats motors were turned off for safety reasons and then it was up to the whales to visit us or not. The pictures only show the part of the whale above the surface, but because the water was clear, we could see them clearly below the surface, especially when they swam under the boat.

When we got back to the unit, there was a dingo waiting outside our door. They like to steal shoes and other items so we made sure we took them in. The unit also had a wooden box with a lid outside for storage. The dingos on this island are some of the very few pure dingos left in Australia. Many have been killed because they are a pest and kill livestock, and others have bred with dogs so they are no longer pure dingo.

Rob and Emma having a bubble bath in the outside hot tub.