Sept 26, 2000

Today we had to leave the Kingfisher Bay Resort. Left the island around 8:30 on a quick ferry trip to the mainland. This is the roof of Phil, Marg, Margaret, and Phil's car from the upper deck of the ferry.

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We had to travel south for about 2 hours to Eumundi to pickup the car and then we started heading north on our own. There were many sugar cane fields in the Bundaberg area and they were in different stages of harvest. The harvest lasts from August until December.

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This is a picture of the first water tower in Bundaberg which was constructed in 1902. Very interesting tower that we spotted from a long distance away. On the right of this picture, you can see the smokestack from the Bundaberg Rum plant, which is a very popular rum in Australia.

Of course, we had to give it a try and bought a small bottle of rum. We were then surprised when the clerk told us we could by pre-mixed rum and coke in cans. Perfect for that long, hot drive home or a day on the beach, I suppose.....We bought two cans to try out, but it tasted a little tinny. We decided we prefered to mix our own.

The rum was quite good and very similar to the Barbados rum. Better than some of the brands we have tasted in the past.

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Another one of our customers is Active Lock and Key. They were closed when we went by, so we just have this drive-by-shooting.

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