Sept 27, 2000

Long drive today. We drove from Bundaburg to Proserpine (just north of Mackay). Rockhampton was close to the halfway point and it is located on the Tropic of Capricorn, which is the southernmost point the sun reaches around Dec 22 each year. North of this point is the Tropics.

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Rockhampton is the beef capital of Queensland and has 7 large cow statues. Our first thought was of Calgary where many cows have been planted around the town.

We had to take this picture of the Cock and Bull as it reminded us too of the Calgary cows.

From Rockhampton, we headed east to the ocean to Emu Park and found this "singing ship" as a tribute to Captain Cook. He seems to be a real hero along the coast in Australia. This ship whistles and sings when the wind from the ocean hits it right.

From here north to Yeppoon is knows as the Capricorn Coast. The beaches are very nice and Yeppon is a very pretty little city. They have tried to develop this area into a tourist spot, but it hasn't taken off yet so there are some very good deals on accomodation and no crowds to deal with.

The BP station is Yeppoon is one of our customers, so we had to stop in and fuel up and say hello. The owner was very happy with the software and only had one question for me. And when I tried to show her, she saw the answer on the screen before I could tell her. Love it when customers can solve their own problems. Gas was 98 cents per litre, one of the highest yet and they were told to increase it another 2 cents but had not done it yet.

As we were leaving Yeppoon, the local yatch club was launching a lot of small sailboats into the ocean. It looked great, but we couldn't stay and watch too long. Still have a lot of miles ahead of us.

Long streches of road looked like this. Kind of boring, but we're glad we're driving just the same. Regardless of what we had been told, the roads were in great shape and the highway speed was posted at 100 km/hour in most places and even up to 110 km/hour in some. The road was wide and fairly straight and the few remaining curved areas were being worked on and straightened out.

We decided not to stay in Macay and headed on to Proserpine instead. It's quite a small town, but it was well serviced for tourists. We stopped in at a small motel with only 6 units and it was one of the best places we've seen today. However, we had to laugh when we saw how they laid the towel out on the bed.

For supper, the owner and his wife prepared the meals and delivered them right to our door. Big meal, well cooked, for only $10 each. A real treat from the $12 hamburgers and $25 fancy meals in the big cities.