Sept 28, 2000

View from Shute Harbour. This is a main take off point to the Whitsunday Islands. Lots of Islands and resorts in this area. Water taxis transport people almost anywhere at a reasonable price and it's possible to visit the islands and parks during the day and return in the evening. We're planning on returning here on our trip back, but for today we need to keep travelling north.

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In Townsend, we visited the museum and found out about the Pandora, the ship that was sent by the British to capture the mutineers of the Bounty. They captured 14 of them and while bringing them to Australia, they hit a reef and sank the ship. The ship was recently found and artifacts have been recovered and are on display. Makes for an interesting story and read.

Picture of the downtown area of Townsend with one of the hills in the background.

It's sugar cane harvesting time and these little trains are all over the place transporting the cane to the sugar refineries.