Sept 6, 2000 - The Arrival and our 25th Anniversary

Wow, it's weird driving on the left hand side of the road. For the longest time, we just followed the traffic in front of us because it was difficult to get use to changing lanes, turning, etc. And trying to concentrate on the signs, street names, maps, etc. was difficult. I thought with Jean being left handed that she would be a better navigator. She tells me we need better maps.

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Found this interesting sign near the town of Miranda. Our Miranda was in the Oklahoma play in Penticton a few years ago, so this sign was perfect.

Proof that we made it to Bondi Bay. No matter that it was way too cold to swim, we were here. Lots of surfers in the water with wetsuits on. And a portion of the beach was fenced off for the Olympic Beach Volleyball games, but we won't be here for that.

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On the right is our hotel. We're on the third floor in a corner room on the right hand side. You can just see the window to our room through the trees. It's an older hotel, but well kept and very close to the Kings Cross area. Very busy area. 00090501.jpg - 60477 Bytes

After checking in, we went for a bite of lunch. Pop is *very* expensive here. A simple ham and cheese sandwich and a diet coke each came to about $16 Australian. Fortunately, tipping is not required in Australia. Interesting fountain in the park, but it doesn't show up too well in this picture. If you want to see it better, you'll just have to take the trip yourself.

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We took the train/subway from the hotel into the Central Quay. The ferries are part of the transit system, but unlike Vancouver with just the Seabus, there are many passenger ferries heading to many different locations. Between the trains, buses and ferries, we're planning to leave the car parked tomorrow. Not only is it cheaper, but safer too.

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This is the ship we took for the Sunset Dinner Cruise. It's huge, room for hundreds. But only about 20 people were on board for this trip so it was very quiet. I expect when the Olympics start in a few weeks it will be very busy. 00090506.jpg - 14149 Bytes

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It's a dinner cruise. Also champange and wine.

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The Question

I like to sleep on the right side, but the remote control for the TV is on the left side. Which side should I sleep on?

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