Sept 7, 2000

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This morning we walked from the hotel though the the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain. The first stop was the art gallery which had free admission. It was nice and warm inside, which was it's only outstanding quality, in my opinion. I was commenting on how most of the artists must have been using some pretty serious drugs to create this pictures when Jean noticed that one was drawn by a heroin addict depicting his feeling. Cute. Piccaso was also featured, so you get the idea.

But there were some interesting sculptures, figurines and such from China from the 3rd to 15th centuries and these were interesting and Jean enjoyed the Aboriginal art.

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Lots of interesting trees and plants. Jean recognized many of the plants and flowers that had died in our living room, including the Clivia shown in this picture. Dennis' mom seems to be able to grow these plants and have them flower.

The tree in the back ground is a Macadamia nut tree. After getting out of the domain, we rushed to buy a 500 gram bag of nuts. Should last a few days - maybe.

Speaking of food, we went to McDonalds for lunch. Jean wanted something Australian, so we had McOz burgers which have a slice of beet along with the regular hamburger patty, lettuce and such. Another item check off Jean's list.

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This must be the worlds smallest escaltor. It's just outside the Sydney Opera House. We had to wonder why they didn't just build a small ramp.

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We took at 1-/1/2 hour tour of "The Rocks", the old part of Sydney. It includes the old harbour, warehouses and living quarters. The place is filled with little nooks and walkways that we would not have though of walking through on our own. As part of this tour, we got a bit of a history lesson about how Sydney was settled.

Nurses walk is small area dedicated to the first nurses in Sydney. We found out that the older convict women who were no much good for any other work became the nurses. Hhhmmm. Another check mark on Jean's list.

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There are several plaques about nurses walk. Click on the picture to the left to have a look and read through them. Be warned that they are quite big to make them readable.

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Picture down the shops along Nurse's walk.

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Here are some of the older buildings in "The Rocks" area.