Sept 8, 2000

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Very scary building. The small print by the door says "No appointments neccesary."

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Another scary sign. We decided that we would never eat here.

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This morning, we walked to the museum of natural history and had a long tour. In the main foyer, they had a large totem pole from BC as one of their center peices.

After exiting, we walked through Hyde Park and found some Olympic celebrations in progress at the Anzac Memorial. The town is full very busy setting up and getting ready for the Olympics.

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We then caught the train to Auburn, which is about 20 km from the center of town. The trains are great and easy to get around in. Tricky part is finding the right platform at the right time and getting on the right train at that platform. The computer monitors were very helpful in showing all the stop for the train that was about to leave. Kind of made the trip idiot proof. We got to Auburn.

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The purpose of the trip to Auburn was to visit one of Windward's customers - Town and Country Living. They sell a lot of very nice furniture.

It was a short walk from the train - just around the corner.

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Friday night in Sydney. We decided to stop in for a pint of Guiness.

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Had to play with the timer on the camera to get a picture of both of us.

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The correct way to view a Guiness glass.

After getting back to the hotel tonight, we had the TV on and saw an Ad for the Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna. Small world.